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Lieutenant's Log

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Sally Solomon



September 5th, 2029

Voice Mail & Contact Post

Hi, you've reached Sally Solomon, but I'm not in right now. 

Sucks for you.

((OOC:  This post acts as an in game voicemail for Sally Solomon, and an out of game place to contact the mun. 
Please indicate if the comment is OOC.   Feel free to leave Sally a message and she'll get back to you.  
Also, if you'd like to plot with me or Sally, drop the mun a line here.))

April 11th, 2018

Crowded Hour Logs

Crowded Hour Log History

1.  Sally gets her ticket.  Finished.

2.  I'm Reaching Farther Than I Ever Have Before.  (Sally, Annie, Spike)  Upon arrival, Sally is dumped about an hour from the castle, and lugs her big trunk of clothes along until she arrives, angry and sweaty, at the small village beyond the castle.  Here, she becomes insulted by the echo of her own voice, resulting in her running into Annie Cartwright, who is exploring, and Spike, who is just trying to stay out of direct sunlight til the sun goes down.  Annie tells Sally the universal transmission code, and Sally hears the Confessor Fox say some things that imply he is probably not from Earth.  Annie also explains about the 'vampire unicorns' and that there's a monster in the moat.  Sally propositions that they poison the unicorns and shove the bodies into the moat, and Spike heartily agrees.   The three of them share phone codes.  Sally sends off a message to the Confessor Fox demanding she get what she was promised when Annie tells her she's trapped here.  He responds by instructing her to go push the button in the time travel room that will take her to the hotel.  She takes her leave of Spike & Annie to get her luggage and head up to the castle.  Finished.

3.  Wild Blue.  (Sally, Gwen, Tony, Sam, Dairine) Sally finally finds her way towards the Castle...ish.  She comes across the lake and freaks out, worried about being attacked by the Moat Monster that Annie mentioned.  She pulls a hair dryer on it, and startles Gwen & Tony, who are watching a unicorn.  Tony tries to blast the moat monster, but just ends up knocking himself unconscious.  Sally, however, is impressed with his weapons tech. Gwen & Sally carry Tony up to the Castle, while Sam holds the angry unicorn at bay.  After making sure Tony is (mostly ) ok, the girls go back... but Sally accidentally runs into Gwen's legs, while she's shooting her gun.  The shots go wild, the girls topple to the ground, and then the unicorn is distracted, and Sam shoots it...to death.  Gwen calls for help, while they attempt to help out the guys, given that Sam is incredibly injured and Tony barely conscious.  Dairine answers the call, doing a healing spell, while Sally goes and makes some chicken soup (more or less).  The boys both manage a swallow, but can't take any more, so Sally eats some of it.  Dairine heals up the boys and then Sally goes and finds her tree house. Finished.

4.  but those storms keep coming back.  (Sally, Reinette, Alex)  While outside the Castle, hunting for her hair dryer, Sally and Alex witness the Moat Monster trying to kill Reinette.  Sally charges it with a firepoker, but ends up getting herself caught up in one of its tentacles.  Finally, she manages to jab the poker into its mouth and get it stuck there, which wounds the beast enough to release her... unfortunately Reinette gets trapped beneath it and drowns to death.  Sally passes out, and Alex has to help wake her back up, and then break the sad news that they failed to save Reinette.  Sally feels guilty but doesn't know that that's what she's feeling.  She leaves a message for everyone, to come and identify the body, and teaches Alex how to use the phone. She goes to look for shovels, and finds a glass box, which she brings back to put Reinette's body in.  They leave Reinette in the front hall for anyone who might want to find her.  Finished.

5.  I Found A Dream That I Could Speak To // I Found A Thrill To Rest My Cheek To.  (Sally, Braca)  Sally stumbles across the garage and meets The Tank.  It is love at first sight.  Then Braca drops in.  After a dual mistaken case of identity, Sally believes that Braca has been sent in as her superior officer on a special assignment from the Big Giant Head.  Together, they set out in the tank to stop the moat monster... but Sally creates a hole in the garage on the way out.  After encountering a very angry moat monster, they hatch a brilliant not very well conceived plan to load a tree into the tank and explode it at the beast.  They do so.... and blow up the tank, and themselves in the process, perhaps taking the Monster with them, though it is unclear.  The tank blasts awaken an ancient evil, however, below the surface of the water...  Finished.    Sally dies.

6.  Couldn't Protect You.  (Sally, Edward, Bella).  A naked and amnesiac Sally interrupts the tender reunion of Edward and Bella.  As scattered memories begin to return to her, she contacts Tony to find out what's going on.  He, of course, thought she was dead, but when she gets angry with him, he realizes it's really her and invites her to join him upstairs.  Finished.  

all you sinners put your lights on.  (Sally, Abby, Dairine, Tony).  Sally enters into the midst of a  heated confrontation between a possessed Dairine, Abby, and Tony.  When Tony himself falls under the sway of a demon, things go south very fast, and an altercation breaks out that ends with Sally's hair getting set on fire.  Abby helps her out and they flee the hallway.  Finished.

What Makes You Run? (Sally, Reid, Abby, Tony, Dairine). The girls run into Reid, who attempts to heroically defend them. Instead, he gets killed by Dairine, though in the process, Abby and Sally improvise and force Tony and Dairine to drink toilet water, which cures them.   Sally, however, is very upset with Tony, given that he made out with Abby, even though it was actually a demon.  She recovers her memories of her death.  Finished.

Unicorn Kegger.  (Sally, Chris, Gene). In which Sally meets Gene and Chris, and begins to think their accents are evidence that they were also possessed.   Finished.

it's not my time | i'm not going.  (Sally, Teeg, Tony).  Sally goes to repair the tank and is joined by Teeg, who demands a report from her.  Sally fills her in on everything, and they work on salvaging the tank.  Teeg explains her problems communicating and Sally offers to help her.  She also sends out a call for help to the people she suspects might be able to fix the tank.  Tony arrives, and helps them with the tank.  He removes Braca's body, and then helps to bury it.  Teeg shows insensitivity over Braca's passing, and Sally slips up about being a Lieutenant.  Hand-waved.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?  (Sally, Femur).  Sally eats cookies and other unhealthy things with Femur.  They make a plan to throw stones with notes tied over the perimeter, in an attempt to communicate with the outside.  Finished.

12.  We can Dance If We Want To  (Sally, Tony).  Sally's latest dream comes true when Tony asks her to dance.  Unfortunately, she's not quite sure what she's doing.  He teaches her, and admits what he likes about her, and she's a mushy mess.  When he tells her not to pretend anything around him, she's torn about telling him the truth -- that she's an alien.  They kiss, and then he prepares a drink, which makes her sick.  She runs off to the bathroom.  Finished.

13.  send this s.o.s. | meet me at the bridge (Sally, Femur). Sally and Femur write notes to the outside world to hurl over the barrier. Hand-Waved.

will search for you til the end of time.  (Sally, Doyle, Sam Winchester). After the snow falls, Sally runs into Doyle, who is upset and searching for Cordelia.  Sam Winchester joins them and they go looking for her, worried that she might have fallen prey to the vampire.  Finished.  

just a little too bad, a little too late.  (Sally, Doyle, Sam Winchester).  They finally find Cordelia's body in the garden, too late to save her.  Hand-Waved.

16.  The Prince... entertained his thousand friends at a masked ball of the most unusual magnificence... (Sally, Dorian Gray). Sally's disappointed that Tony's not in attendance at Dorian's ball.  He suggests she go get a drink from Ginia.  Finished.

The Prince... entertained his thousand friends at a masked ball of the most unusual magnificence... (Sally, Ginia Solace, Jack.).  On-Going.

[untitled]  (Sally, Tony).  Tony invites Sally to dinner.  On-Going.

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May 20th, 2017

how's my driving?

How's My Driving?
Comments, questions, complaints, secret love notes, 'I KNOW U R AN ALIEN' messages, and concrit all welcome.  :D
All comments are screened, and anon is an option.
Thank you, please come again!

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April 17th, 2017

Sally's Mobile


Sally's Mobile Frequency is : 20.17

Sally has given this frequency to:
        Annie Cartwright
        Alex Drake
        Tony Stark
        Sam Winchester
        Dairine Callahan

Sally has entered the following frequencies into her mobile:
        Annie Cartwright
        Universal Frequency  
        Alex Drake (19.81)
        Tony Stark
        Sam Winchester
        Dairine Callahan


December 9th, 2009

justprompts : The world is ending next week thanks to the Winchesters so what are you going to do with the time you have left?

Excuse me? Oh no. No no no, mister, I think you heard wrong.

I just got used to this crazy world. Kind of grew to like it. And am not ready to give up shoe stores, which they definitely don't have in outer space.

Not to mention that attitude is totally defeatist. 'The world's ending, oh well, accept it and wallow'? I don't think so. I'm on a mission here, and if the entire focal point of my mission gets destroyed, well, that chalks up to a big fat failure for Sally.

And Sally? Doesn't do failure. Or fat anything.

So if the world was ending in a week, what I'd do is stop it. Any way I could. Go in guns a blazin' or disarm the giant bomb, doesn't matter. As a soldier, I have to be ready for any scenario, and as an intergalactic wielder of badassery, I have to be ready to completely destroy anything that stands in the way of me completely owning said scenarios.

And what in the hell does that Winchester person have to do with it? He killed a unicorn; he's good in my books.

Lieutenant out.

November 11th, 2009

1.  Because the mission cannot fail.
2.  Because there are 20 more sales to hit and only so many hours in a day.
3.  Because if you stop or make eye contact, the hobos will keep asking for change.
4.  Because stragglers must be left to die.
5.  Because otherwise Harry might get there first, and he'll eat all the cheesy crackers.
6.  Because you don't have enough cash on you, and otherwise it will only end in tears.
7.   Because quitting is for losers.
8.  Because there's nothing better to do in this town.
9.  Because if you keep flipping through the channels, eventually you might strike gold.
10.  Because you need at least 10 things to finish the list.

November 5th, 2009


oh yeah
Fixed the tank.  DIE unicorn scum!

November 4th, 2009

justprompts: identity

[info]justprompts : "Sometimes people carry to such perfection the mask they have assumed that in due course they actually become the person they seem.: - W. Somerset Maugham (1874 - 1965), The Moon and Sixpence

It isn't just weird to think of returning to the home planet anymore - it's become something that actively makes me sad.  This is the longest assignment we've had in one place living amongst a culture, but not only that - these human beings and their feelings have a way of overriding logic circuits completely.  Of creating bonds of loyalty that are stronger than any unit of command, in the name of family, or friendship, or sports teams, or female rights.  There are so many things creating this sense of belonging here, people clinging to each other like amoebas, and it should be something I can laugh at, except... I get it now.

I feel the same way.

And I shouldn't - heck where we come from, there are no hugs, since we're all just purple tubes, and there are no feelings, at least not in the way humans define them.  But I love these things now.  Even when they suck, and make our bodies react in weird leaky ways, it just seems right to me.  If we were ordered to take some action against these humans now, I wouldn't know what to do.  I've never questioned orders in my life, but I feel like they'd be asking me to turn on my own unit. 

This place sort of feels like home.

I sort of feel human.

October 26th, 2009

Prompt: Playing God by Paramore
Timeline: Season 1
Summary: In which Sally learns the joys of feminism, and Dick, Harry, and Tommy learn to fend for themselves. Of course, none of this goes well. Blame Albright.

In here...Collapse )

September 2nd, 2009

Sally's reports on the humans and other aliens she has encountered:
Lieutenant's Log: Character RelationsCollapse )
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